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West Heath Pharmacy is a local pharmacy, providing prescriptions and healthcare products for Congleton, Somerford, Astbury & the Chesire area.
We also provide an online pharmacy service, including repeat prescriptions. Being a local pharmacy, we understand the needs of the Congleton community, whilst providing the convenience of an online chemist service. This service has over 8,000 health and beauty products and prescription medicines.
West Heath Pharmacy’s online service is supervised by fully qualified pharmacists and all medicine sales are authorised and checked before they are dispatched to you. If necessary we may contact you to ask further questions and ensure that the medicine is suitable for you.
Our online customer service team are available to give professional healthcare advice in a confidential environment either by email or telephone.
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– Pharmacy Services –

Medicines Use Reviews

Here one of our pharmacists will sit down with you and confidentially discuss your prescription medicines, ensuring you understand what they are all for and answering any questions you may have about them. In future, this may involve looking at particular diseases such as asthma or diabetes. In addition, every time you are started on a new medicine, the pharmacist will explain how to use it properly and what side effects (if any) you should look out for.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Available free of charge and using only monitors accredited by the British Hypertension Society.

Prescription Collection and Delivery Service

Emergency Contraception

More commonly known as ‘the morning after pill’ – available free of charge to qualifying patients, along with information on longer term contraception and STI’s.

Stop Smoking Service

We are able to provide advice and nicotine replacement therapies where appropriate but most importantly, ongoing support for you to counter this powerful (but beatable!) addiction.

Travel Clinic

A comprehensive service providing a one-stop shop for all vaccines and medication needed for safe travel anywhere in the world. This is a fully accredited service run to the highest clinical standards.

Minor Ailment Service (Think Pharmacy First)

This provides treatments for many common conditions as a convenient alternative to visiting your GP. Examples include cystitis in women, impetigo and conjunctivitis.

Weight Management

We employ a number of different approaches to helping people control their weight and each one will be tailored to your particular individual needs.

Podiatry Clinic

Our qualified podiatrist, Andrew Ayres, offers a complete chiropody service on an appointment basis including nail surgery.

Complete Private Travel Health Service

– Travel Clinic –

At West Heath Pharmacy we offer a complete private travel health service which includes administering vaccines and supplying antimalarials. Each consultation is tailored to the individual as pre-travel planning is not just about injections and tablets. Advice regarding everyday precautions and country-specific recommendations will be given during a travel health consultation to minimise health risks associated with travel.
Before attending a travel clinic or requesting information from our Travel Pharmacist, please complete the form below and bring it with you to the Clinic. Please, find the attachment: Travel Clinic form All sections of the form need to be completed, including the dates of all your previous vaccines and any other relevant medical history.
A fee of £20 will be charged at the start of the consultation. However, if vaccinations and/or antimalarials are subsequently purchased, this fee will be refunded.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time.
This will allow us to check your form is complete and help you with any queries which will save time in the consultation. We will require the dates when you had any previous vaccines which you may need to obtain from your GP.
Remember, we are here to assist with all your queries. If you have been travelling recently and feel unwell or that you may have been exposed to an illness whilst abroad, either discuss your concerns with us or contact your GP immediately.

What others say about us?

– Testimonials –

My family of 6 have all used West Heath Pharmacy for advice and travel vaccinations over the past two years. From my initial phone call to enquire about availability of the short supply Yellow Fever vaccination, I have found Paul Benson to be professional, friendly, extremely helpful in researching what vaccinations were required, and advising of any additional precautionary vaccinations available  without any hard sell whatsoever, and always mindful of cost. In addition Paul ensured a suitable timetable of injections to fit in with our travel dates, school day and mutual convenience, as the pharmacy is not local to us. I wholly recommend  the service provided by Paul and all the staff at West Heath! The pharmacy was recommended to us by a pharmacist friend  also uses West Heath for her own family’s travel immunisations.

West Heath Customer

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West Heath Precint Congleton

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