This year hundreds of thousands of people across England and Wales are expected to take the annual flu jab, to protect from strains of the common influenza virus.

This is also expected to put a huge strain on the NHS and Primary Care services, and waiting times at GP surgeries will increase.

However, you can also visit West Heath Pharmacy and get your flu jab for free, and by doing so you’ll be doing your bit to help ease the pressure on the NHS.

Our certified pharmacist will administer the vaccine to anyone over 18 and to children between 6 months and 2 years of age. The pharmacist will also inform your GP within 48 hours of administering the jab.

Getting the flu jab offers the best protection against death and ill-health over the winter period. It is crucial that those most at risk from the flu get their jabs. The best time to take the jab is from early October to mid November each year.

Those most at risk are:

  • Anyone over 65
  • Women in pregnancy
  • People with underlying health issues
  • Anyone with a weak immune system
  • Carers and front-line health workers

Community pharmacies, like West Heath, are an easily accessible and effective way of obtaining the flu jab. They are an alternative choice to long wait times and busy GP surgeries. We want to ease the burden on our NHS and by coming to West Heath you can too.

For more information please contact West Heath Pharmacy on 01260 289 248